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Another time, I was making drinks when he came in. Then I realized he asked me if I was mis behaving when he repeated what he said with this disgusting grin. Supposedly my manager had spoken with him, but the behavior never stopped. I contacted Partner Resources to open up an investigation. I had the coworker who witnessed the incident give a statement.

That was in October, and anytime there was another incident I reported it to them. My local police have advised that, but I wanted to give my place of work a chance to act first. Paige, He came in alone once and I was talking with him while I made his order and he says out of nowhere that I need to let him take me out sometime.

I just laughed as if he was joking and walked away to get his order, and I could feel him staring at my body. Tiffany, I had just started my job at Starbucks and we had a regular customer who was always really friendly. I said I was really uncomfortable with that, and I thought that would be the end of the conversation. I told the others on my shift and they told me to be careful around him because he was a convicted sex offender. So I was even more worried now because I had been a victim of sexual assault when I was younger. He came to give me the gift anyway, and sent someone to the back to get me because I was doing dishes.

I told him I would prefer if he took it back and got his money back. Apparently this was not the first time he had done something like this. He gave several baristas at our store diamond necklaces and he brings them flowers and stuff like that. Even after that happened, he would always come in while I was on the closing shift and talk to me, ask me inappropriate questions about my piercings, ask me about my days off, what I was doing during the weekend.

It really ruined my work experience. I asked multiple times why he was never banned from the store and my managers said it took strenuous paperwork to ban someone, especially since he never did any physical. Claire, I have really long hair, and one time when they came in I was putting my hair up before my shift started and they noticed how it was. They also always use words like sweetie and honey, whenever they come in and talk to us. I think our manager has decided something needs to be done, but nothing has been done about it yet. Now whenever they come in, I just make an excuse to go into the back room until they leave.

Annabelle, I started working at Starbucks when I was 15, and we had a regular customer that was super chatty and friendly.

Cosmopolitan snapchat horoscope january 27

My manager told me to look out for him because he was pressuring her to hang out with him. I was wary, but he seemed super nice. Then he found me on Facebook somehow, even though I had the highest security settings. He told me he was warming up his truck and he was going to come pick me up for breakfast, and that he knew where I lived because he saw me walking home from work one day.

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I was so uncomfortable, so I blocked him on Facebook. After a while he stopped coming in, but recently he started coming back.

Cosmo After Dark (NSFW) – Miss_Pretorius

There's also a man in his 50s would come in every day. He was pretty chatty, but as he started getting more comfortable there, he started saying more terrible things. It got to a point where one of my coworkers would just go to the back whenever he came in. I think you need a good spanking. I should spank you right now.

I just tried to laugh it off and then I went into the back shaking.

A little while after he made that comment to me, I went outside for a smoke before my shift and he was standing right by the front door. He licks his finger and wipes my forehead, saying I had syrup on my forehead.

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  5. Cosmo After Dark (NSFW) – Miss_Pretorius?
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  8. He also touched a new tattoo on my arm, telling me he liked it. Even my male coworkers got uncomfortable around him. Payton, He also would try and grab your hand when you hand him his order. He told me he really liked my shirt and would stare right at my chest, or he would compliment my pants. The next time he was in the store he told me he saw I was with another guy and asked why I would never hang out with him. He really only does this to the younger girls, the ones who are in high school or college. When reached via phone for comment on these stories, a Starbucks communications representative said: "Harassment has no place in our stores.

    We want all our partners [employees] and customers to feel welcomed and safe.

    12222 Yearly horoscope and tarot forecast

    We encourage all of our partners to alert their local leadership the moment they feel uncomfortable or unsafe at work. Have you or someone close to you experienced sexual harassment or abuse? We would like to hear from you. Email tips cosmopolitan.

    Hearst Communications publications

    Anonymous: That's only one part of the cost. The cost of backfilling that employee at time and a half ends up being more. The employer should be giving them the time, the employee should be preparing when deciding to make a family how they are going to financially do it. The sex tips are still a major part of the brand. But Coles has made it her very public mission, since she took over the top job in , to change the perception of the magazine as little more than a monthly sex handbook with near-endless suggestions for penile amuses-bouches.

    And so I would say that we approach sex from the point of view of, How can this be fun for you? Feminism is stylish at the moment, of course, which alternately heartens and flummoxes its most ardent disciples. And an easy way for a beauty brand to get a viral nudge on an ad campaign is by inserting feminist overtones. It can also function as a sort of armor: Sell your shampoo — or your sex tips — under the guise of empowering women, and no one can fault you for making them feel the need to spend money on making their hair softer and more touchable. No female directors in there.

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    Brzezinski and Coles both make a practice of publicly surrounding themselves with other powerful women, which amplifies their own influence via the multiplicative power of association, a networking strategy that men have arguably practiced for years. She even allows time for the occasional powerful male, such as her spirit animal John Oliver, with whom she likes to talk about British current events.

    Coles even does it in conversation.

    "Cosmopolitan" Photo Shoot Faces Category 4 Hurricane - So Cosmo - E!

    She seems to be able to make her way into just about any sphere. She sees social butterflying as part of her job. They hook up, and then they all go down to the medical center the next morning and take Plan B together. Konrad happened to have a TLC makeover show premiering shortly, and Coles happened to have a reporter shadowing her for the afternoon, so the occasion seemed right for a catch-up. Is that the Konrad? Would you ever believe this man used to be pounds?